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Internationally Recognized Lifestyle Publication - Levanté

Levanté has organic followers globally and reaches over 250 Million Instagram users. In the current social media climate, Instagram is known to have the most rapid growth, along with endless monetization opportunities. This is NOT a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme. No matter how many mentors you hire or how many ‘growth-guides’ you invest in, dedicating thousands of hours of hard work is inevitable. As a University student, I balance my formal education along with my online business ventures. The required workload did not stop me from spending numerous hours every day for several months to figure out the formula to building a successful online business. My goal with Levanté is to help entrepreneurs maximize their profits from Social Media, while skyrocketing their digital presence. Now, I can work from anywhere in the world and make tens of thousands of dollars daily, while growing thousands of followers with just 20 minutes on my phone. Make sure to keep up with my Instagram stories to experience my lifestyle, as a successful entrepreneur.

How Social Media made me a MILLIONAIRE at 20 years old!

Through my years of experience and experimentations, I was able to grow Levanté to over 100,000 followers within ONE month. We’re now inching closer to 400,000 followers. My methods don't require third party applications or services (Telegram, GroupMe, Power Likes, etc.). They are simply organic, algorithm-proof methods that have been tested in several sectors. Instagram has recently reached over 800+ Million users, and still growing. By owning an influential Instagram account, you open doors to dozens of income streams including: advertisements, affiliate marketing, email marketing, landing pages, click funnel to currency conversion, branding, network services, and dozens more. Success is a decision. The one decision you need to make is if you’re ready to join my team with thousands of other ambitious entrepreneurs.

The Benefits of becoming an Instagram Influencer

As the fastest growing Social Media platform, hundreds of thousands of people are joining Instagram on a daily basis. It experienced extraordinary growth in just a few years and has surpassed the world famous application, Snapchat. Being owned by facebook, Instagram has become a stable and innovative platform. As we progress closer towards 1 Billion Instagram users, millions of businesses are starting an Instagram page with the intention of expanding their social media presence. What does this mean for Instagram Influencers? Endless amounts of advertising opportunities. As lucrative as that may sound, advertisements are merely a fraction of the income opportunities you can generate from your page. Included in my mentorship programs, I have enlisted in detail, every income stream I use, or have used before, to generate an 8-figure income within 6-months - While consistently accumulating a 5-figure income on a daily basis.


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