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Levanté has organic followers around the globe and reaches millions of Instagram users. In the current social media climate, Instagram is known to have the most rapid growth, along with endless monetization opportunities. Inspired by individuals who have ambitions to change the world around them, I created Levanté. As a private establishment, Levanté has rapidly grown to over 600,000 followers within a few months containing knowledge, and experience in 7 sectors: marketing, media, e-commerce, blockchain, consulting, stock trading and real estate. 

The Beginning of Levanté

Through years of research and experimentation to figure out the right formula, I was able to grow Levanté to over 100,000 followers within ONE month. We’re now inching closer towards 700,000 followers, all while monetizing. My methods don't require third-party applications or services (Telegram rounds, power likes, etc.). They are algorithm-proof methods that have been tested in several fields. As appealing as that may seem, my goal with Levanté isn’t to purport a ‘formula for success’ or a ‘get-rich-quick' scheme. No matter how many mentors you work with or how many ‘growth-guides’ you invest in, dedicating thousands of hours of hard work is inevitable.

My main goal with Levanté is to inspire entrepreneurs to take action and pursue their business ventures on digital platforms. Using Levanté, I display the potential of utilizing Social Media and e-marketing in the current climate. Not only can individuals create dozens of highly-profitable income streams off any digital platform, exponentially growing any business can be obtained with the proper strategies and methods.

Instagram Influencer - The Benefits

Being owned by facebook, Instagram has become a stable and innovative platform. With over 1 Billion Instagram users, millions of businesses have started venturing into Instagram marketing with the intention of expanding their social media presence. What does this mean for Instagram Influencers? Endless amounts of advertising opportunities.

As lucrative as that may sound, advertisements are merely a fraction of the income opportunities you can generate from your page. Included in my mentorship programs, I have enlisted in detail, every income stream I use, or have used before, including: affiliate marketing, email marketing, landing pages, click-funnel to currency conversion, comprehensive branding, and dozens more. Influencer marketing on Instagram is disrupting the entire advertising industry. Soon, the digital world will replace all forms of physical marketing - it's time for you to join the trend. 

Success is a decision. I’ve narrowed it down for you. The only decision you need to make is if you’re ready to join my team with thousands of other ambitious entrepreneurs. To learn more about the two business models I currently use, visit the links below:

Instagram Mastery - Become an Influencer

E-commerce Mastery - Dropship Dominance

“You can trade your hours for dollars, or ideas for millions. The choice is yours.”