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The Overview

What exactly are active and passive income streams? Active ones are where you have to actively work on a certain venture to produce money. Passive income streams are ones where you don't have to put in any time or effort to collect the money generated. However, it takes a substantial amount of work to turn an active stream into a business that runs itself.

For instance, a doctor, a janitor, a barber, these are all examples of actively working for money. Dropshipping, and click-funnels are both examples of passive income generators. Initially, these aren't passive income streams. You'll need to put in quite the amount of work (designing, marketing, etc.) to be able to have them up and running on its own.

The Beginning

You’ve probably heard the saying, “the average millionaire has 7 income streams.” What people don’t know is, it typically consists of 2-3 active income streams, and 4-5 passive ones. It’s nearly impossible to work on 7 different active streams and succeed. 

I would start off by building ONE active income stream. Whether that’s networking, branding, or simple traditional businesses, I would build them up for 18 months. After it’s up and running, I would hire someone to manage the entire business. Now, I’ve turned it into a passive income generator. I repeat this process a handful of times. In the end, I’ll have created up to 5 passive income generators, and I could actively work on 2-3. 

Start Building Today

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