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An Introduction - Earn Money Through Me 

Levanté is committed to helping individuals achieve success in the realm of online businesses - especially with regards to growing and monetizing from their audience. I offer a fair selection of consulting programs, that include private mentorship, a customized 200+ paragraph guide on reach expansion/monetization, 220+ paragraph Dropship Guide (10 Modules), 250 Million follower network access, unlimited shoutouts, in-house designer agency, and much more. Investors are given the resources and knowledge to gain phenomenal results in the world of Social Media. You can read more about what I offer at HERE.


If you’re finding it difficult to create a stream of income, here’s a quick and effortless way to enhance your potential to earn money: I have created an affiliate marketing system that generates personalized discount codes for each specific member. Participants will receive their personalized discount code and a package of promotional content via email.

One of the most lucrative income streams you can create online is to run as an affiliate marketer. Not only can you work from the comfort of your own home, you'll be representing a pre-built and reputable service. Your goal is to build relationships with others, build trust, and recommend a product to them. In this specific case, my Instagram Mastery, Dropship Mastery, and Real Estate Mastery Programs are the only applicable ones. Once the client successfully makes a purchase with your personalized discount code, you will receive the respective amount of commission payout.

Students of mine will receive up to 75% of every sale made with their code. 'Non-students' will receive commission based on the following arrangement: 

・10% per referral (Initial amount)

・20% per referral (After 10 referrals)

・30% per referral (After 20 referrals)

You can see how lucrative affiliate-marketing is. If your goal is to make 6-figures ($100,000) per year, this provides the perfect opportunity for you. Be in the comfort of your own home, while multi-tasking with essentially any hobby of yours. 1-2 sales each day and you'll have achieved the 6-figure annual income goal. If you help me generate $200,000 in sales, up to $150,000 will be sent directly to you, via PayPal (student rates).

Student note* all commission payouts will follow the information above, except for the Real Estate Mastery commission split, due to the nature of the costs. Please message me for more details.

Getting started

For a small, one-time fee of $97, you'll be provided with the opportunity to work with me without paying the full fee for my mentorship programs. You'll have lifetime access to my affiliate-marketing system.

Through the contact form below, email me with your full name, PayPal email address, an alternative contact line (if applicable), and your Instagram page. Title the subject ‘Affiliate Registration." I will respond with the payment procedure and/or elaborate on the details regarding registering, payouts, or any questions you may have.

Upon signing up, you will be given compelling marketing strategies, along with the most efficient ways to form new leads. I'm always looking forward to working with ambitious entrepreneurs.



All information detailed in my mentorship programs are based off my knowledge and experience with the Instagram application. I am not affiliated with Instagram but expect all terms of use, listed in their policy, to be closely followed. I am not affiliated with any third party programs or applications described in my mentorship programs either. We are not liable for any misrepresented information presented by our affiliates. Please be advised that this is NOT a multi-level marketing model. Affiliate marketing is one of many ways to generate a stable income stream online, but there are dozens of other ways to monetize from Social Media.

All laws must be followed in the respective jurisdiction in which you are located. I do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by any of the information provided in my mentorship programs. Liability is also disclaimed for any additional consulting services or clarification provided. By registering as an affiliate, you are not guaranteed to make sales. In regards to affiliate-marketing being "effortless," it is simply stated as a comparison to other monetization methods. We do NOT purport a get-rich-quick scheme. My top-students and I have unordinary results. You may receive the same results, or less, or more.

Unauthorized reproduction or redistribution of my material is a criminal copyright infringement and thus strictly prohibited. Legal prosecution will be pursed at all costs, by failing to comply with my copyright. All rights reserved. I have systems that detect for unauthorized distribution of my material.

If you do not agree with the above disclaimer notice and/or terms of use, do not proceed with any of my services. Please be aware that my affiliate program only applies to my Instagram Mastery and Dropship Mastery programs only. You will not receive commission for sales through your code other than from said programs.

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