Monetizing on Instagram

There is SO MUCH you can do with having an Instagram following to make 6-7 figures. Affiliate marketing, bio-link conversion, consulting, freelancing, growth services, page management, personal branding, product promotion, and dozens more.

If you were looking to get started with online entrepreneurship (as a beginner) or want to diversify your income streams (as a seasoned investor/entrepreneur) - there’s no better time to get your foot in the door with running an Instagram page. One of the simplest, highest potential, and stable ways to start making money online - ultimately generating a passive income so you can live life under your own terms!

I always say - the biggest risk is not taking any risks. Working a 9-5 job is the BIGGEST risk you can take. As soon as you’re fired, you lose your only income stream. You have a 1 in 400 trillion chance of being alive and you want to help build someone else’s dream by working for them? You're worth more than someone who can be replaced the second you're gone.

I don’t think running an Instagram page is a risk at all. It’s a side hustle - you can get started even while you’re still in school or at work. I’ve become massively successful as a 21 year old University student. I believe anybody with the right mentorship and guidance can flourish building an Instagram page and be successful even if they started from nothing today.

If I lost everything and went back to $0 net worth, I know I could rebuild very fast and get to 6-7 figures within a month because I know exactly, step-by-step, on how to build an Instagram page, and monetize from it. Lifetime Instagram mentorship and guidance from me will save you a significant amount of time. I answer ALL questions you have and guide you through the process as if you were in my shoes.

Two words to unlocking true financial freedom - passive income. To retire your parents, to buy the condo you want, everything starts from having a passive income. If you’re starting from ZERO and want to be a millionaire in under a year - my advice to you is to MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP. That’s the definition of passive income. If you only make money while having to work - that’s active income, not passive income. Millions of companies who will pay you to post their ad on your Instagram page - is an example of active income. 

Let me say this right now - you will NEVER be able to live your dreams if you have to trade your time for money. That’s the secret, but most people still devote their entire lives to working an ACTIVE job. Running an Instagram page made passive income very easy for everyone that knew what they were doing. I knew the idea of working from your phone anywhere in the world would be a catalyst for financial freedom, and I took immediate action.

Having the right mentor to teach you everything step-by-step is crucial to success. Why would you spend thousands of hours researching something that someone else has already thoroughly done? You could grow a LOT more if you devoted that time towards expanding your brand and growing exponentially. I already know how to grow an Instagram page, and how to maximize your profits from it.

The idea of going online, finding people that are successful millionaire Internet entrepreneurs and getting access to these people and learning from them in a virtual way online - is VERY POWERFUL. If you consume their knowledge in-depth, you're almost getting into their mind, you're getting into their blueprint, their mindset. You're learning from them. You're being mentored by them in a virtual way by consuming information from that person AND YOU’RE SAVING TIME. I saved my clients millions of hours combined, from doing useless research on growing and monetizing an Instagram page - when I already know exactly step by step how to do it.

Mentors save people time. That’s what I’m getting at. If you try to learn everything yourself: how to build an Instagram page to thousands of followers per day, how to monetize from them - you’ll waste your entire life trying to learn. That’s just not efficient. Working hard does NOT equate to being successful. You must work SMART and you can be smart by getting the proper mentors for the area of life that you want to excel in EFFICIENTLY.

We live in interesting times. An era where cashiers at the supermarket are being replaced by robots, big box retail stores are going bankrupt on short notice, and television is being phased out. Everything is heading towards one direction - and that’s the elevation of the Internet. The rise of social media - Instagram. Any company who doesn’t fully embrace Instagram in the coming years WILL BE OUTCOMPETED by competitors who do. You can not avoid 800+ million active users, you adapt to the situation and learn how to monetize from them. Check out the available mentorship programs I offer, HERE!

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