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At some point in your Instagram career, you must’ve asked yourself, “Should I buy followers?” or “Is it worth it to buy followers?” Let me give you my honest opinion and experience with bot followers.

Bot followers are inactive, inorganically created accounts. Some look real and most look fake. They are created by scripts that generate tens of thousands of accounts on a daily basis, made for the sole purpose of following pages.


Keep in mind, inorganically obtaining followers is against Instagram guidelines/policy. Meaning, any attempt of it may result in a ‘bannable’ consequence. So, how do you gain bot followers? Typically, using certain hashtags such as “Like4Like,” “Follow4Follow,” etc. will attract bot followers, as they’re scripted to follow accounts that use those hashtags. 99% of pages on Instagram have bot followers. Liking certain photos, using certain hashtags, etc. WILL get you bot followers. It’s inevitable. 

HOWEVER, do not get this confused with organic pages that are scripted to follow you on certain actions. Many organic pages have third-party scripts that follow/unfollow or like/comment on certain pages if the script is triggered. 

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