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Frequently Asked Questions - Dropship Mastery Program

Q: Are there any additional costs after the first initial payment?

A: No. After the first, one-time fee, you will not be required to spend another dollar on me. However, I do recommend investing a small amount into marketing costs and Domain & Website Host fees.

Q: How much time is required to successfully run a Dropship Store?

A: Initially, it may take several days to build and design a store. After that, I recommend committing 30 minutes per week to setup marketing campaigns (Influencer marketing, Facebook marketing, Google Ads, etc). As usual, the more time you put in, the higher chance you’ll see better results.

Q: Are your Dropship strategies guaranteed to work?

A: Of course not. Like any other business in this industry, I can’t guarantee anything. I’m sharing what has worked for me, and how you can implement the same strategies into your businesses. Most importantly, your results are dependant on your work ethic.

Q: How long does it take to go through the program/course?

A: My Dropship Mastery Program is 10 Modules long. With that being said, it takes the average student about 1 day to learn everything I have to offer on Dropshipping.

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