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Frequently Asked Questions - Instagram Mastery Program

Q: Are there any additional costs after the first initial payment?

A: No. After the first, one-time fee, you will not be required to spend another dollar. All of my strategies for growth and monetization are algorithm-proof and free to implement.

Q: How much time is required to follow your guide and routine?

A: I recommend committing 20-30 minutes per day to follow my guidance and routine. However, the more time you put in, the higher chance you’ll see better results.

Q: Are your growth and monetization strategies guaranteed to work?

A: Of course not. I can’t guarantee you’ll grow a single follower, or make a single dollar. I’m sharing what has worked for me, and how you can implement the same strategies onto your page. Most importantly, your results are dependant on your work ethic.

Q: How could you possibly keep in contact with so many students?

A: If you’ve ever been in contact with me, you’ll know I don’t accept many students. I focus on the ones I have, and prioritize them. As mentioned before, to this day, I still dedicate nearly 20 hours per day guiding and mentoring my students.

Q: How long does it take to go through the program/course?

A: That depends on you. Upon registering, the program will be emailed to you. Some students finish the guides/files within hours, some take a few days.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to connect, feel free to message me below, or on Instagram Direct Message!

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