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Levanté is continuously expanding as a brand, on an exponential scale. To progressively stay parallel with our goal of helping individuals through the realm of Social Media marketing, we’re always looking for talented entrepreneurs who can provide value in numerous sectors:

Videography, photography, digital media (logos, videos, promotional content, etc.), financial literacy (advisors), board advisors (second-hand man), e-commerce coding/scripting, sponsors, affiliates, sector managers, content curators, to only name a few.

Listed below are the available positions you may apply for:

Available Applications:



We are looking for experienced videographers who have an existing portfolio of 5 or more projects. As this is a multi-stage application process, chosen applications will be flown out for a brief, in-person interview with our team (all costs covered). Our requested projects may include luxury Real Estate, luxury vehicles, scenery, etc.


Digital Media Creators

Even with our existing designer agency at work, we are continuously looking for more help. We aim to provide fast and high quality media for our students/investors. We are looking for experienced Adobe program users. Our requested projects may included logos, promotional videos, and all variations of digital media.


Levanté is currently working with dozens of talented individuals, globally and locally, including handfuls of talented University undergraduates, and graduate students. More opportunities may arise in the near future. If you are genuinely interested in working with Levanté, make sure to keep up to date with this list. Please be advised that this is not a legal occupation, an official job, or anything along those lines. This is an opportunity for freelancers, who show outstanding skills, to work with us. Our work history may be as simple as a one-time project.

Feel free to fill out the application below, with your full name, email address, inquired position, and a brief description introducing yourself, along with a portfolio of your work.

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