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What is the Law of Attraction?

To send out a specific type of energy to the Universe and in return, you’ll supposedly receive what you attract and believe in.

How do you bring something that’s merely a dream into reality? How can you wish for $10 Million dollars and have it come to reality? How can you simply picture a Ferrari in your mind and receive one within a year? The Law of Attraction.

Let’s say you want a Lamborghini. However, you’re no where close to being financially ready for one. How can you possibly get one? Reverse-process this dream. Picture yourself buying the Lamborghini. Picture yourself driving it, starting the engine, blasting music. Picture yourself touching the leather. Smell the leather. Picture the bystanders turning their heads to look at your car. Every morning and every night, picture yourself driving this Lamborghini. Picture the exact model, the exact year, the color, the specs. Picture the car in your garage.

The Results

Through this process, you’ve given out your energy to the Universe. You’ve told the Universe exactly what you want and that you’ve already manifested this dream. The Universe will present opportunities to you, for you to take action upon. You need to believe in yourself and your vision. You need to believe everything you’ve pictured will come true. You need to believe that it’s not a matter of IF you’ll receive that Lamborghini, or IF you’ll receive a million dollars, it’s a matter of WHEN you’ll receive it.

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