Dropship Mastery Program

Dropship Mastery Program


Please read below for in-depth descriptions of the features included in this program, along with the legal disclaimers and frequently asked questions. All sales are final, and non-refundable due to the nature of the digital product.

If you’re interested in both the Instagram and Dropship Mastery Programs for an exclusive price of $797, contact me for more details. One-time fee, lifetime asset.

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Main Features Include: 

• Private mentorship (highest value)

• Direct, one-on-one consulting calls

• Resource/funding access (leverage up to $100,000 of mine)

• Network access (up to 250 Million Instagram users)

Additional Features Include: 

• 220+ paragraph Dropshipping Guide (10 Modules)

• Leverage Levanté for free promotions, advertisement posts, etc.

• Much more!

(Read below for in-depth details of everything included)

• Private Mentorship - By far the most valuable feature I offer, my private mentorship is built for you to take advantage of. You can flood me with questions at anytime of the day and you'll be prioritized to receive a response first. I'll be available almost 24/7 to provide in-depth responses to guide you through any concerns you may have. Even if you had access to my program and my guides for free, it would be useless. It’s about implementing each strategy, and that’s what I’m here for - to walk you through each and every step I’ve taken to grow and monetize from my page. ($10,000+ Value)

 Private Consulting Calls - Upon registration, you'll be eligible to apply for multiple one-on-one calls with me, up to a total of 15 hours long. During this call, you'll be talking to me, the creator of Levanté, along with my marketing advisors. You can ask us any questions you may have, and receive in-depth responses. ($10,000+ Value)

 Funding Access - The fact that you’re here considering this program suggests that you may be an aspiring entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, our job is to think outside the box, and create a world of ideas out of scraps. However, we’re often limited by our resources and funding for each project, so I’m here to change that for you. If you believe you have an innovative idea, you’ll be able to apply for a project proposal to me, where you may gain funding of up to $100,000 to use. ($100,000 Value)

• Expert Investor's Dropshipping GuideDropshipping is a globally-known passive income generator. Not only do you never see or touch the product, everything is automated. Included in this 220+ paragraph guide, there are a combined total of 10 Modules that explain the ins and outs of dropshipping - Including advanced and in-depth knowledge to how it works, how to set it up, where to find and choose products, how to target specific audiences, and how to generate passive traffic while you sleep. To top it all off, I've included an exclusive blueprint, describing each and every step of my dropship history - Including the steps of building, branding, marketing and how I overcame thousands of competitors. Disclaimer: the key dropship strategies for expansion and sales-conversion success will only be briefly covered in the guide. You’ll learn about the most important points of dropshipping through my private mentorship. ($499 Value)

• Global Recognition - To kickstart your traffic, you'll be eligible to apply for five advertisement posts on my page, Levante.co (24-hour duration). You will be acquainted to my global audience, along with thousands of other influencers/contacts within my engagement groups. ($1,500 Value)

• Business Integration - Along side the other benefits, you'll be introduced to my networks and contacts that reach up to several million Instagram users. You will be provided with a list of 900+ companies that are constantly seeking out for collaboration opportunities, or as simple as business integration. ($599 Value)

• Leverage Levanté - You may leverage my page, of over 1 Million followers, to acquire free promotions and advertisement posts on other influential pages. For instance, you may approach another page offering them a free shoutout on my page, and in return, they post a 24-hour advertisement post for your store. Instead of paying for traffic, leverage me as a part of your resources. ($399 Value)

• Official Levanté Affiliate Program - To aid the process of making money, you'll be granted a personalized affiliate code to earn up to 75% commission of all purchases made by anyone using your code (only applies to the Instagram and Dropship Mastery Programs). You’ll have a wide variety of different discounts to choose from, with their respective commission rates. (Exclusive to students)

• Professional Designer Agency - You'll have access to personal designers who will create free logos for your page/business. You may request to use this service at anytime you wish. Don't waste hundreds of dollars paying for logos and designs elsewhere - everything will be done for you, free of cost. ($299 Value)

• Pre-designed Promotional Package - You'll be provided with a set of photos and videos to promote your specialized discount code, applicable to my programs, to further assist you in generating a stable income. ($99 Value)

• In-House Prioritized Student - With the countless number of daily messages I get, it may be slightly difficult to get in contact with me at times. With this feature, you will always be prioritized above all prospects and general inquiries. This includes giveaways, mentorship, response times, extra guidance, job applications, exclusive offers, and etc.. You are guaranteed to be eligible for all future giveaways and exclusive offers. To top it all off, you’ll be granted lifetime free upgrades to any updated versions of this program. (Free)

As mentioned earlier, my guides, blueprints, and additional program features aren’t as valuable without my mentorship. The highest-valued feature I offer is having me walk you through every step of the way. It’s having me hold your hand through each and every step you need to take. It’s having someone there to guide you away from mistakes, and ensure you’re on the right track. 

Frequently Asked Questions - Dropship Mastery Program

Q: Are there any requirements to join?

A: As long as you have a smartphone and access to the Internet, you'll be able to operate an online business. Your location does not matter, your gender does not matter, and your ethnicity does not matter.

Q: What makes your program valuable?

A: The most valuable feature in my respective programs is my mentorship. I could give you free access to my programs, but you’d still be lost. Reading guides can only get you so far. What’s valuable is having me walk you through each and every step you need to take to build, market, and manage your store. What’s valuable is being able to message me 24/7 and receiving in-depth responses.

Q: Are there any additional costs after the first initial payment?

A: No. After the first, one-time fee, you will not be required to spend another dollar on me. However, I do recommend investing a small amount into marketing costs and Domain & Website Host fees.

Q: How much time is required to successfully run a Dropship Store?

A: Initially, it may take several days to build and design a store. After that, I recommend committing 30 minutes per week to setup marketing campaigns (Influencer marketing, Facebook marketing, Google Ads, etc). As usual, the more time you put in, the higher chance you’ll see better results.

Q: Are your Dropship strategies guaranteed to work?

A: Of course not. Like any other business in this industry, I can’t guarantee anything. I’m sharing what has worked for me, and how you can implement the same strategies into your businesses. Most importantly, your results are dependant on your work ethic.

Q: How long does it take to go through the program/course?

A: My Dropship Mastery Program is 10 Modules long. With that being said, it takes the average student about 1 day to learn everything I have to offer on Dropshipping.

Q: What is the overall process to become a student?

A: I usually conduct a multi-question survey to judge if an individual is suitable for my program. After that, you’ll receive a payment procedure that can be completed on here, or through PayPal. After the payment is confirmed, you’ll receive the entire program via email, along side the benefits and features of the program.

Q: I want to join more than one of your programs, can I get a discount?

A: Yes. I offer a discount, where you can obtain both the Instagram and Dropship Mastery Programs for a one-time fee of $797 (instead of paying $597 and $497 for them separately). Please contact me via E-mail or Instagram Direct Message regarding this.

Q: What is the success rate of your students?

A: The truth is, there is a wide range of results that I’ve seen from my students. From being able to make back their money within hours, to not being able to make a single dollar. Your ability to follow my guidance and strategies depends on a number of things, with your work ethic being the most important one.

EXCLUSIVE DEAL: Pick up both the Instagram and Dropship Mastery Programs for a one-time fee of $797. Contact me for more details & information.

This is a one-time payment only and no additional fees are required. Before proceeding, please be advised that my results are un-ordinary. My top students’ results are unordinary. You may achieve the same, less or more than us. Results are NOT guaranteed. As Levanté is built to provide a summarization of my experience, knowledge, and resources through these programs in the form of digital goods, all sales are final and non-refundable. Please read over my Terms of Service & Disclaimers before proceeding with any of my programs or services.