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Monetizing Online

People don't chase retirement. People chase the lifestyle retired people have - healthy, stress-free, financially secure, and have time to spend with loved ones. This is exactly what Levanté represents. A 22 year old University student that retired their parents at the age of 20, who’s able to afford numerous real estate in Canada's most prestigious city, Vancouver, along with several other ones around the World.

Benefiting from Digital Platforms

What are digital platforms? Pre-built online platforms such as social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.). Now, leverage these platforms. Below, I've listed a few lucrative income streams you could venture into:

・Business/Personal Branding

・Comprehensive Digital Marketing


・Blockchain/Stock Investments

Choosing a Market

Do not join a market for the sole purpose of making money. Join what you're passionate about, the money will follow. I can't express how important this is; I've seen first hand what people go through because they chase the money in a certain market. I've seen people create dropship companies and suffer tremendous failure after spending tens of thousands of dollars, because they're not passionate about providing value to others.

As cliché as it sounds, you truly have to follow what interests you. Without feeling like it's work, you'll continue to expand your business and provide value to others - the money will follow. If you're passionate about creating content, editing videos, creating cinematics/animations, start a YouTube Channel! If you're interested in anonymously inspiring others, like myself, create an Instagram page. I didn't start off with millions of dollars in my bank, I started out as an average college student. Now, I'm able to inspire others with not only the earning potential social media provides, I'm able to inspire others with my lifestyle. The best part is, most online business ventures are low to free of cost.

Begin Today

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