My Story

Get to Know Me!

My name is Ryan Keen. I am currently a student at Columbia University in New York. I'm not going to say I was in debt or bankrupt before Instagram appeared in my life - I wasn't. However, growing up, I never had the privilege of being in a wealthy family. My parents managed to accumulate enough money for me to graduate high-school and attend post-secondary school. I was able to work a few side jobs to pay off some bills. I lived an average lifestyle.

I was always known as the young 'entrepreneur' who made money from selling unused toys, shovelling snow, mowing lawns, etc.. To be honest, I hated the word "entrepreneur." It was a little flashy and 'cringey.' Anyways, it wasn't too long before I realized I had a talent for being able to turn ordinary tasks into lucrative streams of income, even if they were only small sums of money. Fast forward a few years past high school - at the age of 19, I stumbled across Instagram. I was late to the trend. I started a page simply to repost photos I found interesting. Paying no attention to the small details (timing, engagement, quality), my page plateaued at roughly 30,000 organic followers. Even with tens of thousands of followers, I wasn't able to make a single dime and my passion for operating online businesses died off. What changed? Imagine working 40 hours a week for someone else, to only earn a few hundred dollars. In my eyes, that's not employment, that's enslavement. The thought of working a 9-5 job behind a desk, with only a 2-week vacation per year drove me back into the world of entrepreneurship. 

Alongside my education, I put in nearly 20 hours/day of research and experimentation just to find the right formula for Social Media growth and creating multiple income streams off of any platform I venture into. Within a few months, the late-nights and early-mornings paid off. Nowadays, with only 20-30 minutes on my phone, I am able to generate thousands of dollars daily, while exponentially growing my social media reach.


Introduction to Levanté

Inspired by individuals who have ambitions to change the world around them, I created Levanté. As a private company, Levanté has rapidly grown to over 400,000 followers within a few months containing investment portfolios, knowledge and experience in 7 sectors: marketing, media, e-commerce, blockchain, consulting, stock trading and real estate. My goal with Levanté is to inspire entrepreneurs to take action and pursue their business ventures on digital platforms. Using Levanté, I display the potential of the power of utilizing Social Media in the current climate. Not only can individuals create dozens of highly-profitable income streams off any digital platform, exponentially growing any business can be obtained with the proper strategies and methods.


My Contribution

I've helped thousands of other ambitious entrepreneurs create their paths to success. I teach my mentees how to significantly grow their reach, and further monetize their page(s) in any niche of their choice (i.e. luxury, motivation, fitness, travel, etc.), regardless of the initial page size. This translates directly into remunerative income streams like advertising, affiliate marketing, personal branding, etc.. To this day, I still dedicate nearly 20 hours a day helping my students. With the Lifetime Mentorship I offer, I guide my students through every single step I've taken to reach where I am today (Social Media aspect).

Conor McGregor made nearly 7-figures from posting for HiSmile-Teeth® (a teeth-whitening company). Influencer marketing on Instagram is disrupting the entire advertising industry, it's time for you to join the trend. To view a full list of my available mentorship programs, click HERE.


Join the Movement

To ensure your success, I charge a small, one-time fee in exchange for Lifetime Mentorship enlisted in my courses (Instagram Mastery/Dropship Mastery). Instead of spending countless of hours figuring out how to grow on Social Media, especially Instagram, all you have to do is spend 30 minutes daily, following the blueprint you'll receive upon becoming a mentee. Upon registration, you will receive customized blueprints, daily routines, and tailored guides that detail each and every step I've taken to reach where I am today. You'll gain access to designer agencies who are available 24/7, who will work at your request, one-on-one business calls, and MUCH more. Reading about success stories is truly inspiring, but it's time to create your own. Click HERE to browse the available mentorship programs.


"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" - Benjamin Franklin