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Introduction to Cryptocurrency

Digital asset(s) where a variety of encryption techniques on a ledger called a blockchain - are used to regulate the generation of currency units and verify the transfer of funds, independent of a central bank. Meaning no single entity that has direct control over your money, solving a global problem.

Many coins or tokens in the market have a circulating, total, and max supply. This results in no entity being able to produce more units of the said coin after all units have gone into circulation through different types of processes (e.g. mining). In stark contrast to the fiat paper money we use on a daily basis backed by nothing, they are inflationary due to governments being able to print more paper money at their heart's content.

A popular belief going around right now, is that Cryptocurrency will soon replace fiat paper money. It removes the middleman (banking system) and provides cost-free transactions for all parties.

The Internet created a new revolution of obtaining information, money, and communication. Cryptocurrency and blockchain mechanisms will soon change our financial processes. 


Levanté Success Centre

As an investor, you'll always want the best advice and strategies before purchasing any stock, token, or coin. I've hired multiple Cryptocurrency Analysis Experts and Stock Trading Experts to make daily trading calls, alerts, and live updates on the best opportunities as they arise. We've created a Broadcast Channel hosted on Telegram where we aim to reach a 15% profit, daily. 

Using a compound interest calculator that can be found hereyou can see how powerful a 15% profit per day can be. With the initial investment of $10 under "Current Principle," with $0 annual addition, put a 30 day growth period, with an interest rate of 15%. You may notice it says years, but the interest rate we're reaching is 15% day, not yearly. So respectively, it's proper to assume the "Years" as daily growth. As you may have noticed, a $10 investment turns into $662.12 within a month.

Now, $662 is extremely low compared to the stories you've heard of. Let's invest it all back into the market. With the same 15% daily profit, within 30 days, you'll have $43,840. What happens when you put thew new summation back into the market? Nearly $3,000,000 within one month. 

Of course, it's not logical to invest all your money back into the market, so these aren't accurate representations of what the average investor invests with. Our goal with Levanté Success Centre is to reach at least 15% profits with our calls to ensure the success of our members.


Join the Movement

Our daily calls/alerts consist of rising/dropping Stocks, Tokens, Coins, marketing strategies for essentially all Social Media/Digital Platforms and monthly giveaways, exclusive to group members. 

Sounds expensive to join this group, huh? Not at all. Our goal is to help individuals like yourself through the turbulent world of entrepreneurship. With that being said, we've offered to let members gain immediate access to our Broadcast Channel for a small, recurring fee of $29/month. For the price of one meal, you can gain access to one of the most efficient Digital Broadcast Channels out there. Make sure to contact me below to gain instant access to Levanté Success Centre.