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Benefits of owning Real Estate?

Rental Money

This is pretty self-explanatory. Your tenants pay you to occupy your property. Depending on where your real estate is located, you can charge up to tens of thousands of dollars monthly. For instance, an average apartment/condo in Vancouver would cost $2-6k per month. A mansion in Los Angeles would cost $30-50k per month. Even if it’s $500/month, it’s still passive income, straight into your pocket.

Property Value

This is one of the most lucrative methods of monetizing from real estate. Depending on which city/country you’re in, your property-value could double, triple, or grow even more within a year. We’ll take Vancouver as an example again, since most of my properties are in Vancouver. Let’s say you purchased a property at $100,000. After a year of city-growth and development, your property value will increase. Within one year, most properties in the entire city grew $100-200k. That means that every single DAY during this year, you were making roughly $274-548 from the property-value increasing.

Market Control

This is on a much larger scale. If you own enough properties, you can control the entire real-estate market. Let’s say you own 10, 20 or even 50 properties. If you sell them lower than the average market price, you’ll decrease the entire property value of the city. You would NOT want to do this though. If you list all 50 properties higher than the average market value, you’ll slowly raise the property-value of the entire city.

First-step to Investing

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