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An Introduction

This is Ryan Keen and this is my personal message to you. You may not know me yet, but you may already dislike me, or even hate me because of the false allegations floating around. Whether that’s out of disbelief, jealousy, or just genuinely interested in what I do, my goal is to hopefully bring some satisfaction or relief upon you by the end of this. I understand you don’t have to be here, so I’d like to thank you for reading this open-mindedly.

Let’s start off with the reasons why you might be here:

‧ How can a 21 year old University student possibly be a multi-millionaire?

‧ How can a 21 year old student possibly own all these exotic cars?

‧ How can a 21 year old student travel the world?

‧ How is any of this possible? Am I falling for a scam?

The truth is, it’s rare. It’s merely impossible to see someone so successful at such a young age. Unfortunately, it comes with a price. What’s the price of amassing massive success at my age? Hate, jealousy, doubts, accusations, false claims, to name only a few. It’s sad that people out there enjoy attacking successful entrepreneurs. The only thing I can do is try to straighten out my side of the story, and hope you can understand what it’s like from my perspective.

Since I know these false claims are out there, it’s best I respond to these allegations on a personal level. I’m taking time out of my day to write this blog as a direct response to your opinion and those who have falsely accused me of being a “scam,” or have talked negatively about me.

The Claims

After immersing myself into the world of online business, I knew accusations like these would be a frequent issue. Although I was already expecting hatred and doubt because of my success, it’s still unpleasant to find out about these miserable things people have said about me. It’s harsh and it always hurts.

I preach about the benefits of Social Media - how lucrative it is, how much it’s expanding, how it’s becoming the future of communication, etc. What I don’t mention is, is how easy it is for haters and toxic people to spread false accusations of others in hopes to slander their business. I’ve been sharing my ideas and work with the public for several years now and I can assure you, I’ve had my fair share of toxic people.

I don’t usually respond to haters. I believe in the Law of Attraction; where you attract the type of energy you’re putting out. To me, responding to all these allegations would ruin my mood. Of course I’d be upset. I’ve always tried to focus on staying positive, and further bettering myself and my business. It’s quite depressing for me to know that most of you are here because someone persuaded you to look at me in a biased perspective.

My Response

Before any individual makes an investment with my business, they’re given a complete layout of exactly what they’re purchasing, and they receive everything they pay for. Not only have I NEVER scammed anyone, I have NEVER convinced anyone to make a purchase unless they’re comfortable and ready to invest.

As for my current students and prospects, I have set-up numerous safeguards for further protection. Each individual is set-up with their own personalized discount code, in which they can track each sale they bring in, acting as an instant source of income. Each student is paid immediately and directly upon each sale. Regarding my refund policy listed in my Terms of Services, it’s impossible for me to deny a refund if it’s already been issued. The process is simple, clear and direct.

Regarding my payment gateways, I mainly use PayPal. A globally-known payment processor that provides immediate and direct transactions with a very minimal fee. This means that I don’t have access to any back-end information regarding the customer, as everything is handled by the payment-processor company.

As for the safety and credibility of PayPal, they provide an automated transaction system where communication, refunds, and sales are all handled by them. This protects both the Seller and Buyer. In the case of a disagreement between the Seller and Buyer, PayPal provides an un-biased specialist to supervise the situation. I’ve been using PayPal as a payment-gateway for several years now. The most important aspect is, if I was doing anything remotely suspicious or fraudulent, my account would’ve been shut down by now.

The truth is, I have denied people of their refund escalations. They simply did not meet the given timeframe to file for a refund, and I am very strict with my policies. Unfortunately, immature people lash out in different ways when they don’t get what they want. This is something I cannot control.

My associates and I make sure our students receive the most out of our service. We have professional designer agencies that are available to contact (via E-mail) 24/7, to create content, logos and other media to further benefit our students. My expert analyzers make daily Stock/Cryptocurrency alerts when opportunity rises. As for myself, I am available to contact through Instagram Direct Message or E-mail nearly 24/7 as well.

To further debunk these claims, I ask you to take close inspection of them. They’re either competitors selling a similar service to me, or they’re simply immature and lashing out because something did not go their way. This is done to de-value my business and credibility - all in hopes of increasing their own sales.

I’ve personally acquired many popular guides from these “experts.” They offer simple strategies such as using power likes for growth, paying for engagement groups, paying for shoutouts, etc. Whereas I offer knowledge and tactics that are acquired through years of experimentation and experience.

Please take a step back and view this from an unbiased perspective. One individual is successful, living out his dreams, and continuously inspiring others to do the same. The other individual is a competitor who is out-dated, and in a harsh sense, irrelevant to the current era. Of course they’d do anything to get back into the game. They’ll de-value everyone else just to be the only one standing. That’s not ethical. It’s a scumbag move, and I have no respect for individuals who take time out of their day just to make false accusations of a business doing better than their own. It’s a simple concept - when an individual's business is performing poorly, their only option is to de-value everyone else to make themselves look better.

You could also put it this way: if someone is a so-called “millionaire,” driving exotic cars, living their lives to the fullest by following their dreams, would they really have time to sit down and come up with dozens of false allegations to slander someone else’s business? 

My Motivation

People think my main goal is to make money, or to grow a substantial amount of followers. This is not the case. As I’ve shown several times on my story, it’s fairly easy to grow using my methods. If page size mattered to me, I’d have over 1 Million followers by now. If money mattered to me, I’d be publicizing my face with every post and run as a successful affiliate marketer.

There are two reasons people show their faces publicly: either they’re working on a personal brand to become a public figure, or they’re desperate for money. In most cases, it’s both. As mentioned before, my goal with Levanté is simple - to show entrepreneurs the power and potential of Social Media. To show entrepreneurs that following their passions pays off. To show entrepreneurs what the real world of business is like. With success, comes hatred and doubt. It’s out of our control.

I will be honest; money is a big motivation for me. To be able to buy exotic cars, real estate, and travel - it’s great. But mostly importantly, being able to repay my parents, retire them and take care of the people I love - that’s the ultimate motivation for me.

Furthermore, I don’t accept many students. I conduct a multi-phase questionnaire before each individual inquires about my programs. If their answers are approved by me, I provide extensive details regarding my program. I don’t teach students who aren’t motivated on their own. I don’t teach students with no ambition. I don’t teach students who don’t have good intentions with their money.


Let’s briefly elaborate on why I don’t publicize my face. Why would I? Why would you sacrifice your privacy and security when you could make just as much money without showing it? As a young entrepreneur, it’s quite frightening to even show lifestyle highlights. People know exactly who you are, where you live, what you drive, and if they wanted to, they could find out where you live… all for what?

I believe in keeping my personal life completely separate from my business life. In fact, a few months back, I was hesitant on showing my Real Estate investments, my cars, my watches, my travels, etc. Consulting is a lucrative industry if you show your face and build relationships with your followers. As mentioned earlier, I don’t accept many students to start with, so it’s clear I couldn’t care less about consulting money. The small, one-time fee I charge is to separate those who are ready for success from those who simply talk about it.

To briefly conclude my side of these horrible allegations, I have NEVER scammed anyone. Many of my students make their money back within hours of starting my program, as they are provided with multiple streams of income to implement immediately. With the reasons mentioned previously, I hope you have a more in-depth understanding as to why I don’t publicize my face. Are you guaranteed to make money or grow? Of course not! For legal issues, I cannot guarantee you'll see results. My results are definitely un-ordinary. Some students can have the same results, some more, and some less. Your results depend on several factors, including algorithm, dedication, niche, commitment, and many more.

Whether this provides further clarification or not, thank you for taking time out of your precious day to read this. Whether you decide to invest in my programs/mentorship or not, I truly do recommend investing in a mentor of some sort. If you don't have the proper budget to make an investment yet, I do offer a series of free eBook publications for you to browse through. I provide a ton of valuable information and knowledge. Scroll to the top and browse the "Free" drop-down menu. Everything is free to download with no email, no signup, no requirements.

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Believe in your success and you will succeed.


Yours truly,